These are just a couple pictures of fish that were caught on Nut's Hookers.

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I don't usually use artificials; but decided to try mullet nutshooker. On the third cast, I nailed a 30 inch, 8lb. redfish.
I am "hooked" and, it beats throwing the net all the time.
Ron Riley
Tournament Director
Caloosa Catch & Release Tournament Series

I have used Nuts Hookers religiously now for about a year. These jigs are great to used as is, but if tipped with a soft plastic of any kind, it is the deadliest salt water bait you can tie on your line. I have caught snook, redfish, and trout on a variety of colors and would recommend these jigs to any angler who wants to better their odds of catching fish. I am sold on nuts hookers because they are the best bucktails I have ever used.
-T.J. (Ft.Myers)

Nuts Hookers are by far my number one choice bait every time I go fishing. I have caught a bunch different of species from bass to tarpon on these. Nut can tie patterns for any situation in salt or freshwater. These jigs hold up to abuse from any fish and last me a long time. I can't wait to try some of Nut's custom flies. Thanks for some of the biggest fish that I have ever caught.
-Chris (Tampa)